Each month Focus Stars has scheduled events that both mentors and mentees are welcome to attend, in addition to special events scheduled throughout the year. Take a look at some of what Focus Stars has to offer.

Weekly and Monthly Events

Game Night - Every Wednesday night from 6-8 we play board games, eat snacks, and enjoy fun conversations with other people participating in the program.

Golf for Kids - Once a month Focus Stars has a golf day at the CDR Golf Club.

Nature Stars - Many of our mentors and mentees enjoy the various nature themed activities we provide. Once a month Focus Stars provides nature themed events to participants. Events have included hikes along nature trails, visits to science museums, and camping activities.

BINGO Stars - Originally done as part of our weekly game nights, BINGO was so popular we decided to give it a night of its own. Once a month, in addition to our regularly scheduled game night, we also provide BINGO night.

Yearly Events

Focus Stars Mentor Night - At Focus Stars we know how important our mentors are to our continued success. That is why once a year we celebrate all of our mentors by providing a night of fun, complete with games, music, food, and an awards ceremony celebrating the best of the best.

Annual "Thank You" Barbeque - With the end of school year, and the beginning of summer vacation comes the Focus Stars annual Barbeque for mentors, mentees, and the families of both. Enjoy summertime favorites like chicken, sausage, hot dogs, and hamburgers cooked on the grill, along with all of your favorite summertime side dishes.