All of us at Focus Stars know that without our wonderful staff and volunteers we wouldn't be able to do the wonderful things we do. If you would like to learn more about joining our team, please feel free to visit our contact page and send us your questions.

Some of the qualities we look for in mentors and other staff members can include:

Current Focus Stars Staff

Amber Riley
Clark McDonald
Elizabeth Rochester
Marcus Rochester
Patty Harris
Susan O'Malley
Christina Johnson
Emily Dzierwa
James Mickle
Stephanie Soddenburg
Jessica Fitzroy
Jamie Mead
Christopher Churilla
Lila Hernandez
Sabrina Doyle
Alyssa Cozzarin
Nicole Collins
Jennie Guierro
Liam Daskalakis
Britney Perino
Amanda Graziade
Dan McKay
Debbie McQuade
Felicia Carner
Jeannine Carmody
Gina Viducic
Samuel Palmer
Valerie Kern
Hadley Melkin